Cathole Cattery is a small boutique cattery with only a few Dames & Sires that were carefully selected for their good health, intelligence, beauty and wonderful playful personalities.


Our cattery has a distinct reputation for breeding kittens for quality rather than quantity.We set very high standards in our cattery in cleaniness to ensure the happiness and well-being of our kittens and cats.


Our kittens are also examined by a certified vet before leaving our care. With this assurance, you will know that you are getting a healthy kitten. We also provide a health guarantee, which guarantees the health of your kitten purchased, from our cattery, for one full year from congenital abnormalities.


Our kittens are hand-raised and surrounded by love from birth because we strongly believe that it dramatically improves the health and well-being of the kittens. Finally, since we consider all of our cats, first and foremost are our pets, they are never caged and enjoy roaming freely around our home and spoiled by my three children (ages range from child to young adult). This type of environment provides the perfect foundation for an extremely social and outgoing kitten.


After purchase, our customers write back with the highest compliments as to how they are amazed at how friendly and adaptable our kittens are. - I love to see the cute pictures of how our kittens are bringing joy to their new families.All photographs have been taken and edited by the owner of Cathole Cattery, Christine Stirt

Slide 1:  Brulle'

Slide 2:  Gweveneir

Slide 3.  Demetrios - Sire

Slide 4.  Bella

Slide 5:  Pebbles

Slide 6:  Amber

Slide 7:  Zoe'

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