Formulary Was known as Miniature Doll Face Exotic Short Hair Persian

Kitten shown = Minuet Rughugger.



Have you ever dreamt about owning a tiny cat with an adorable face and tiny legs* that is extremely affectionate and absolutely loves to be around people?   If so, this unique kitten is for you.


Our unique Minuets have the best traits from the Dwarf Minskin (which is extremely people-orientated and the Miniature Sterling Persian. The result is a beautiful cat that takes on the personality of a Minskin that is extremely affectionate and loves the company of:   people, especially senior citizens, who want a true lap cat; children (any age); families with or without: existing cat(s) or dog(s) people who want a peaceful and quiet cat.

Minuets will follow you around, play  (i,e., game of fetch or laser lights) and/or sit with you while you read a book or watch T.V. They really just enjoy being around you.  Minuets will greet newcomers and either play or sit on their lap for the duration that they are in your house.  Minuets are never aloof.


Minuet kittens come in three different sizes;

  • Rughuggers (tiny legs)*,

  • Standard (short legs) *, and

  • Non-Standard (longer legs)

Minuets will be approx. 4-6 lbs full grown. Non-Standard Minuets may weigh slightly more.  The average house cat is between 12-29 lbs.  


Please take a few minutes to check out the pictures of this amazing new designer cat. I have a strong feeling that you will instantly fall in love with them.